AH. 11 Sept 2012.

Hi Rachael,

Thanks for having me over. That was the most impressive show that I’ve seen at Arthouse, full stop. Keep going. I wondered about the size of it… If it were a slightly bigger exhibition it would give the viewer more rotation. I find that traditional contemporary art seems, for me, to have been crushed by the wheel — was reflecting that the pieces you had installed were kinetic and 3D — more like film. and more like better!

My suggestion would be to give staff raincoats and overcoats as standard issue and re-route them to the roof top. There’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t enjoy having a permanent/temporary workspace/office on the roof — open to the environment. Sell the view! (Remember, going paperless opens up this possibility). Then I’d take the space previously occupied and make it additional exhibition space. If that seems heartless — you could always lobby the board to buy a clear, inflatable environment in which to house staff. LOL. Sort of…



I mistakenly posted this on General Conditions. Ah-ah-ah. This is the arts. After all..




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