Dfault Settings. 15 Jul 2011.

In a recording studio — you always look for equipment that has ‘repeatable’ functions. Like detents on the pots so that the same sound can be achieved ad naseum  — like today’s art. Warhol was a cold factory, but I mean, really. What he did was done long ago — so enough. Besides, whatever happened to exploration? I guess exploration is scary in today’s world. Stay in your Filter Bubble and do as you’re told — just where Apple, the Google and the Facebook want you.  Who wants to become a STENOGRAPHER to everything real? It’s the Home of the Brave, remember? OK, I digress — back to the original diatribe on detents. Detents which are great for recording machinery — it turns out,  are a total anathma to the visual arts. Unless you really prefer a ‘canned’ experience. (Refer to ‘detents’ earlier). In the visual arts there should be NO repeatable settings. The ‘repeatability’ is a downstroke to exploration and, yes… that scary thing called discovery. Ditching ‘repeatability’ produces accidents – which by their very nature – (being not repeatable and therefore unique) — take on a higher place in a cultural hierarchical value system. They become ‘scarce’ goods in economic terms. Which is mo’ better. Unless you’re going to re-write modern economics. Nod-nod-Wink-wink.

Sennelier Crayon Drawing: Ed Vaughan, 2007


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