Review 1. 12 Aug 2010.

New Texas Talent – Mark Aguhar, Natalia Ferber, Rachel Obranovich, Cande Aguilar, Field Harrington, Adam Palmer, Richard Avila, Erin Hernsberger, Amy Scofield, Michael Blair, Kyle Jordan, Cat Snapp, Ben Brandt, Dan Lam, David Van Ness, Courtney Brown, Diane McGurren, Ed Vaughan, Joseph Cohen, Leigh Merrill, Saul F. Waranch, KC Collins, Seth Mittag, Rachael Webb, Ben Epsey, Nolan Mueller, Paul Young, Amy Newland at Craighead Green through September 4

Superb, interesting, odd, quirky, mind-boggling, maddening, joyous, strange exhibition. I keep going back, and I may or may not write about it besides here, but Craighead Green keeps finding great Dallas-area curators/jurors for these things, and it keeps being a fascinating exhibition. When we got there the first time — at the opening, friends were lined up and angry, saying it wasn’t much of a show, that there was nothing new about it, and it was terrible. But it was; there was; and it was not. I figure any show that pisses people off that bad has got to be pretty good to start with, and I liked pondering a bunch of the pieces, especially including these. I really don’t want to have to write about it, since I’ve written about it so many times over the years, and it’d really be nice to do something else this time around, but this is a show that would almost be easy to find good things to say about, if I wanted to do that. It may or may not be the best one they ever had, but it’s a good one, and I may have to go back yet another time, and find some more gems like these. So far, all the ones I’ve been drawn to photograph and write about have been difficult, maybe even worthy of an extension of Difficult Work, which I’ve had great feedback on so far. Seems appropriate. It’s a difficult show. — J R Compton


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